Shielding Your Pool From Winter Threats

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As the cold winter months approach, protecting your pool from harsh temperatures that can cause damage and require costly repairs is crucial. Properly winterizing your pool ensures its longevity and makes for a smoother opening when warmer weather returns.

Utilize The Power Of Solar Covers For Added Insulation

While solar covers can work wonders for heating your pool during summer months, they also provide an exceptional benefit during wintertime when used with a traditional winter cover. Solar covers have air pockets that act as insulators. This enables them to retain heat and reduce evaporation. By placing a solar cover on top of your pool before laying down your regular winter cover, you create an insulated barrier between freezing temps and the water below.

Solar covers can also reduce energy costs associated with running heaters or pumps throughout those long, chilly months. Plus, using both types of covers protects your winter cover from debris.

Keep Your Pool Water Clean And Balanced During The Winter

Many people tend to forget about their pools once they have closed them up for the season. Yet, maintaining proper water chemistry is essential, even when it is not used regularly. Ensuring the appropriate chemical balance before closing up helps eliminate potential issues come springtime, such as algae blooms or damaged equipment due to calcium buildup. One option to avoid these issues will be to conduct monthly water quality tests to ensure the pool is still within the recommended range for your winterized pool.

Utilize Submersible Pumps To Safeguard Against Ice Damage

As temperatures plunge below freezing, ice can form on the surface of your pool. This may put undue pressure on its walls and cause cracks or leaks. One technique for preventing ice is utilizing a submersible pump.

Installing a submersible pump in your pool during the winter can circulate warmer water from the bottom up toward the surface. This continuous movement prevents ice formation and significantly reduces the risk of weather-related damage.

Update Your Pool Landscape For Winter-Ready Protection

Your pool's surrounding landscape can significantly impact its ability to withstand harsh winter weather conditions. Consider incorporating functional-yet-attractive elements into your pool area specifically designed for added protection.

For example, planting evergreen trees around your pool can serve as an effective windbreak while providing privacy and aesthetics all year round. Additionally, opting for dense groundcover plants near the edges of your pool deck will help insulate and protect any exposed pipes or other equipment from freeze-thaw cycles.

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