Keeping Your Pool Clean

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If you own a swimming pool, it is imperative to spend the time and labor needed to make sure that it is staying as clean as possible. In particular, there are a few cleaning steps that you will want to avoid neglecting during this process.

Brush The Liner

During the course of the cleaning process, individuals may want to focus the vast majority of their attention on removing the leaves, sticks, and other debris from the water. However, it is also beneficial to thoroughly clean the liner. Otherwise, it could be possible for algae to start growing on the liner, which will quickly lead to the water quality of the pool deteriorating. The use of a pool brush can allow you to effectively remove these materials from the liner. Not surprisingly, this can be a labor-intensive part of the process, and if you have a large pool, it may take several hours to complete. Hiring a professional service for this weekly cleaning work can be an attractive option for homeowners that want to reduce the amount of work they have to do for their pool.

Empty The Pool Traps

Your pool will have a series of traps installed where the water enters the pipes that take it to the pump. These traps will prevent leaves and other large debris from being able to get into the pump where it can cause significant mechanical problems and clogs. Unfortunately, some individuals may fail to regularly clean these traps, and this can lead to more of these materials entering the system. This can occur as the leaves that may collect in these traps will gradually break down, which will lead to them breaking apart. Cleaning all of these traps at least once a week can prevent this from happening while also providing the maximum flow of water to the pump.

Backwash The Pool Pump

Backwashing the pump is an important step for keeping the water clean. Over time, dirt and other sediments can eventually start to collect in the pump. When you backwash the pump, these substances will be flushed out of the unit. This will prevent these materials from being able to be circulated back into the pool water. The majority of pool pumps are designed to make backwashing them as simple as possible. It should only take a few minutes for the backwashing process as you will only need to do this until the water coming from the pump is clear.

Keep these weekly pool cleaning tips in mind when looking for a local service.