Why Is Your Pool Not Skimming Properly and What Can You Do?

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Your swimming pool is a great entertainment feature in your yard for everyone to enjoy. It may not look its best though if it has a lot of bugs floating along the surface, or sinking to the bottom. This can happen when your pool isn't skimming the water properly. The skimmer opening has a flap that allows bugs to come in, but not leave. They then get trapped in the skimmer basket, which you then need to empty. If your pool is littered with bugs and other debris and the skimmer isn't doing its job, you need to get to work repairing this issue right away. Read on for some tips.

Empty The Skimmer Basket

Turn off your pool filter and pump and check the skimmer basket to see if it has a lot of debris inside of it. If the basket is loaded, it isn't going to allow anything else to get sucked into the basket as the suction won't be strong enough to bring bugs or other debris in. Empty the basket and you should be sure to do this every other day, or more often if you find that your pool is littered with debris often.

Check The Skimmer Flap

The flap covering the opening of the skimmer is what helps allow bugs and debris inside and prevents them from getting back out. If this door is not opening properly, or is stuck open, it may not be doing its job correctly. You should inspect the flap to be sure it is not cracked or broken in any way, especially around the hinge. If it is defective, you should have it replaced with a new one right away. 

Backwash Your Filter

If your pool isn't filtering properly, it could be because you haven't backwashed your pool in a while. You should do this every couple of days as well. If your skimmer basket is filling up quite a bit, and still not getting enough of the bugs out of your pool, try backwashing it more often to ensure you have proper suction and the water is being filtered properly.

If your pool is not skimming the bugs from the surface, they will then fall to the pool floor, which can make your pool appear dirty and could potentially leave stains if you aren't cleaning it often enough. The skimmer basket needs to be emptied often, and your filter should be backwashed often as well. Make sure your skimmer flap is also doing its job as well. If you continue to have a problem with your pool not skimming, hire a professional pool repair service, such as All-American Pools, to inspect your pool and to make repairs as needed.