Upgrading Your Pool With A Heating System

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One of the more common and useful upgrades that you can make to your swimming pool is to equip it with a heating system. One of these systems will be able to greatly increase your ability to use the pool on days when the temperature is cool enough to cause the water to feel cold.

Do Pool Heating Systems Always Increase The Energy Costs Of Your Pool?

It is easy to assume that a pool heating system will require large amounts of energy in order to warm the water that is circulating in it. However, there are convection-based heating systems that can warm the water for your pool while using small amounts of power. With these systems, the water will be passed through a series of tubes that are located where the sunlight can warm them. As these tubes warm, the water flowing through them will become substantially warmer. Due to this system being able to avoid the need for electric heating elements, the energy for the pump to move the water through the tubes will only require slightly more energy than normal.

Will A Pool Heating System Increase The Maintenance Requirements Of Your Pool?

A pool heating system can greatly increase the number of days when you can use the pool. However, this device will not have much of an effect on the maintenance needs of the pool. In most cases, the only additional work that this system will require is a yearly inspection and servicing of the pump and the heating elements for the system. However, most pool contractors will be able to do this at the same time that they service the main pump and filter for the pool.

Can Any Pool Be Outfitted With A Heating System?

Some homeowners may be under the impression that a pool will need to have a heating system installed when the pool is first added to the property. However, it is possible to retrofit most pools with a heating system that can allow you to control the temperature of the water. This is due to the ability to have the heating system pull water into itself rather than having to be integrated with the pool's pump. Depending on the design of your pool, it can be possible to have a heating system discretely added to the pool so that it will not have an impact on the appearance of this major feature of your property. 

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