Upgrading Pool Equipment for More Efficient Design and Improved Water Quality

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If you are considering updating your pool equipment, there are many options to choose from. Today, these improvements can reduce the cost of keeping your pool open and improve water quality. Thus, you want to choose the best options to update your equipment. The following options to update your equipment are some of the solutions you can have done to your pool this summer:

Upgrading the Pool Pump

The pool pump is one of the first upgrades that you may want to consider for your equipment. Today, there are various options for pump upgrades that can help make your system more efficient and improve the circulation of water. You may want to consider a variable-speed motor for your pool pump. This can allow the system to adjust according to filtration needs and reduce wasting energy due to the pump running at full speed the entire time it is running.

Adding Ultra Violet Treatment

The most common type of water treatment for pools is chlorine treatment, but this can be difficult to manage. If the levels in your pool water are not properly maintained, it can be unhealthy. Therefore, you may want to consider adding a UV treatment system to help kill off potentially harmful organisms. In these treatment systems, the water passes through a UV light to kill any organisms. These systems reduce the amount of chlorine that is needed to keep your pool safe.

Converting to a Saltwater System

Another option for the water treatment system in your pool is a saltwater conversion. The saltwater systems provide an alternative to the traditional chlorine systems that are usually installed in pools. If you are planning on using a saltwater treatment system for your pool, some other equipment needs to be updated. Any metal and materials that are vulnerable to corrosion due to salt need to be replaced.

Adding a Pool Heater Feature

Another option that you will want to consider to upgrade your pool equipment is installing a heater. Today, pool heaters give you options for extending swimming and keeping the water comfortable. There are options like solar collectors and heat pump pool heaters that can give you an efficient solution to keep your pool warm. There are also conventional options like electric and gas pool heaters that you can have installed. These can be combined with features like solar collectors to make them more efficient.

The equipment upgrades you have done to your pool can reduce the costs of running your pool during the summer months. Contact a swimming pool equipment service to discuss these options to start upgrading your pool.