The Leaks In Your Pool That Need To Be Repaired Before Opening For Summer

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Pool leaks can be frustrating and cause more problems than you may think. In addition to the water levels getting low, leaks diminish water quality and eventually damage equipment. Therefore, you are going to want to repair these problems before the summer opening. The following pool leak repairs will help you deal with these issues before the weather changes:

Inspecting Pool Equipment For Winter Damage

The pool equipment is one of the first areas where you want to look for leaks. This is because much of it is above ground and exposed to the cold weather. Some of the winter pool equipment you should look for includes:

Winterizing your equipment will help prevent this winter damage and pool leaks.

Major Pool Plumbing Problems That Need Repairs

There are other areas of pool plumbing that can be damaged. These leaks are often at equipment, but they can be more severe problems with lines. Sometimes, the damaged pipes may be buried near the pool. You may be able to have some of the damaged sections replaced to repair the problem. There are also options for using linings to restore pipes and stop the leaks that affect your pool.

Issues With Pool Liners And Surface Materials That Leak

Issues with pool liners are a common cause of leaks. This is often due to wear and punctures. As long as the damage to the liner is minor, it can usually be repaired. If there are serious issues with tears, you may need to have the liner replaced.

When there is a problem with other pool surface materials, they can also be patched sometimes. If the leaks are a reoccurring problem, you may need to have your pool resurfaced. Due to the complications of repairing some materials, resurfacing is often the best solution to stop leaks for good.

Testing The Pool To Know If The Problem Is Actually A Leak

If you suspect there may be a leak, you will want to test your pool. Sometimes, these issues can be due to evaporation. So, you want to make sure that the problem with your pool is an actual leak. There is a simple way to test to see if there is a leak somewhere.

To test for leaks, remove the skimmer cover and basket. Get a large cup or container that will fit inside the skimmer. Fill it with water until it sinks to the bottom. You are going to want to fill the container up to the same level as the water in your pool. If you come back the next day, and the water level is lower in the pool, there is a leak. If both the container and the pool are at the same level, it is just evaporation.

Reach out to a professional who provides pool leak detection to see where your pool is leaking.