Upgrading Your Pool With a Spa

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For a homeowner that is wanting to get the most out of their swimming pool, upgrading it with a spa can be a great improvement to make to it. While spas are increasingly common with residential swimming pools, homeowners will frequently lack much of the information that they need about these pool upgrades.

Myth: A Spa Addition Will Always Have to Be Separate From the Rest of Your Pool

One assumption that is often made when it comes to spa upgrades will be the assumption that the spa will always need to be detached from the rest of the pool. While a freestanding spa is one option that you can choose for your property, it is often possible to actually include the spa within the pool itself. This can be the ideal option for those that have limited space in their yard for these upgrades. A professional spa contractor will need to assess your pool to determine whether or not it is capable of having a spa added to it or whether a freestanding option will be the only solution.

Myth: There Is Little Variation in the Functionality of the Spa

A homeowner that is not familiar with the various spa systems that are available for their pool may assume that these systems will largely be the same. While it is true that most spas will have heated water with water or bubble jets, there can be significant variation in the strength of these jets as well as their positioning. Additionally, some spas will have adjustable jets that may allow you to utilize massage modes or other custom features to make your time in the spa more enjoyable. Some spa retailers will allow you to see the various models that they sell in action so that you can see the strength of the jets for yourself as well as how the water in the spa will circulate.

Myth: A Spa Will Have Radically Different Needs That Your Swimming Pool

As with your pool, the spa will need maintenance in order to keep the water clear and the mechanical systems functioning. Luckily, this work will be remarkably similar to the work that your pool will already need. This can help ensure that you are familiar with the work that the spa will need. One of the main differences will be with winterization, and this is due to the fact that many people will want to be able to use their spa during cold weather. If you anticipating wanting to do this, you will need to make sure the motor and pump for the spa are insulated to prevent them from freezing.

If you want to add spa upgrades into your pool soon, contact spa services near you.