Experiencing a Drought? Know How to Maintain Your Home's Swimming Pool

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If you live along the west coast, the drought that part of the county has been experiencing is not the best to homeowners with swimming pools. Having restrictions on how much water you use means that you may not be able to water your lawn or fill up your swimming pool. In facts, parts of California have banned people from filling up their personal swimming pools. This can cause a problem the will affect your pool. Here is what you need to know about maintaining a swimming pool while there is a drought that restricts water usage.

Don't Drain the Pool for Repairs

When dealing with a leak in a pool, many people think that they have to drain the swimming pool in order to fix the problem. With a a residential pool using tens of thousands of gallons of water, that is simply not possible. That is why you should know that there are repair methods that can be done underwater, which includes repair mixtures that are applied to cracks underwater and are capable of hardening.

You may want to seek out a pool repair specialist that can do repairs without draining a pool, so you can fix problems and still follow local water restrictions in your area. You may pay a premium for the repair, but you'll actually be able to use your pool with the water that is in it.

Treat the Water

It's very important that your pool has clean water, since you won't know when you'll next be able to fill up the pool with clean water again if necessary. One problem you want to look out for is high levels of TDS (total dissolved solids). This can cause problems with calcium deposits in the water, salty water, and excess manganese. While you may have been able to treat high TDS by adding fresh water to the pool, you can't do that during a drought.

It may be worth it to bring in a specialist that can help manage your pool's chemical balance to take care of high TDS. In addition, it will help to shower before using the pool, and skimming the water to keep solid materials out of it.

Dealing with a drought doesn't meant that you can't enjoy your pool. If you feel like you need help dealing with the restrictions imposed on you by a drought, contact a local pool service such as Clear Pools Maintenance Inc. for assistance.