4 Must-Know Pool Safety Tips For Parents

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Having a swimming pool on your property can be a wonderful luxury for families, but only if you follow the right safety precautions. Unfortunately, drowning deaths occur every year because of water safety accidents, which is why all parents need to be aware of and follow a few pool safety tips when they have above- or in-ground pools on their properties.

Invest in a Quality Safety Cover

One of the best ways to avoid an accidental drowning is to invest in and use a quality safety cover specifically made for your pool. Many pool safety covers these days are designed to hold up even to the weight of an adult walking over the top. This can help reduce the risk of a child falling into a covered pool and not being able to get out. Just make sure you know how to utilize the cover and that it is secured snugly around the perimeter of your pool when in use.

Consider a Pool Safety Fence

In addition to having a safety cover in place, parents may also want to consider installing an added barrier of protection around the pool to keep small children and even animals out. A safety fence can be constructed around a pool to serve this purpose; these fences generally have a locking latch, the key to which parents can keep out of reach of children when they aren't supposed to be around the pool.

Enroll Children in Swimming Classes

When you have a pool in the convenience of your own backyard, it's never a bad idea to make sure that everyone in your family has been professionally instructed on water safety and how to swim. Generally speaking, it's never too early to enroll your children in swim-safety classes, so consider looking into this if you haven't already.

Check Chemical Levels Daily

Finally, to reduce the risk of skin irritation, rash, or other adverse reaction, make sure you're testing the chemical levels in your pool water every day before anybody enters the water. Add chemicals as needed to ensure safe swimming water, but always wait at least 30 minutes after adding chemicals to re-test and allow swimmers into the pool.

Many pool accidents can be avoided by simply following some water safety tips, so be sure to keep these in mind and share with your children the importance of exercising the right precautions any time they're around water (pool or otherwise).