Clean And Make Basic Repairs To Your Pool And Deck Before Decorating For An Upcoming Pool Party

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If you are going to be throwing a pool party near the end of the summer for you and some of your closest friends to mingle and enjoy the cool water and some trending music, but would like to clean and repair the top row of ceramic tiles that go around the interior of your pool and tidy up and decorate the deck that is adjacent to the water feature, complete the following steps. As a result of your efforts, the pool and deck will have an inviting appearance that guests will be sure to be impressed with upon their arrival to the party.

Clean And Repair The Top Row Of Tiles 

Empty water from the pool until the water line falls below the top row of ceramic tiles that cover the interior walls of the pool. While kneeling on a waterproof cushion, peer over the edge of the pool and use a slightly abrasive sponge that has been dampened with a tile cleaning agent to clean the surface of each tile. If tiles are loose and need to be replaced, use a pry bar to pull the tiles away from the pool's interior walls. Move a sponge briskly back and forth over hardened tile adhesive or move the tip of a putty knife over the adhesive to eliminate it.

Use a foam brush to apply a coat of tile adhesive across the back of each replacement tile. Line the tiles up and press them against the pool's interior. Wait for the adhesive to dry. Use a narrow paintbrush to apply grout in between the cracks. After the grout dries, add water to the pool.

Sweep And Tidy Up The Deck Before Decorating It

Use a push broom to sweep the surface of the deck. If the deck is made out of concrete, use a cleaning agent that is designed for use on concrete to eliminate stains from the deck. Move a long-handled scrub brush back and forth over dirty surfaces. Rinse the deck off with water and wait for the concrete to dry.

Add potted palm trees to various parts of the deck. Place furniture in the corners of the deck, including a dining set and lounge chairs. Secure colorful balloons to stable objects on the deck. Add portable lights and a marine stereo system to the deck so that guests will be provided with plenty of visiblity and can clearly hear the music that is being played during the social gathering.