The Basics of Preparing Your Backyard for an Inground Pool

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A backyard pool provides you with an aquatic oasis where you can spend time with your family and stay in shape by swimming. If you are seriously considering installing an inground pool, you need to prepare your property for construction so the pool contractor you hire will have no problems building the structure. The following guide outlines the major tasks you need to complete before construction begins on your pool.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Even if you think you have enough land on your property to add a pool, you need to take into consideration the space contractors will need for their equipment. A pool contractor will need a wide path to navigate large equipment such as excavators and dump trucks into your backyard.

If you have a fence that does not have a wide gate or there is brush that blocks entry to the rear of your house, you will need to remove these obstacles.

Some pool contractors will provide pre-construction landscaping services like removing trees and boulders from your yard. However, if they do not, you need to hire a landscaper to make your backyard ready for construction. This includes digging out vegetation and leveling land that is sloped or uneven.

Obtain a Survey of Your Property

When you hire a pool contractor, you should provide them with a copy of a recent survey of your property. A surveyor can provide you with exact measurements of your yard including the correct locations of property lines as well as underground utility lines.

It is imperative to know the location of telephone, cable, gas, sewer and electric lines. Their location can impact where you can build the pool and the size of the structure. You also want to make sure the pool is not too close to the edge of your yard so you do not disturb neighboring property during construction.

With the survey, your pool contractor can provide you with accurate structural plans for a pool.

Get a Permit

Some cities require homeowners to obtain a permit before beginning major construction, including building a pool. In fact, you may be required to submit a detailed application about your proposed pool before you are approved for a permit.

Typical information and documents you need to include with your permit application include:

In addition to obtaining a permit, there may be other municipal rules you may need to adhere to in building a pool. Typical municipal pool rules have guidelines on how far the pool can be from the property line, what type of pool enclosures you can build and specifications entryways that provide access to the pool. Some cities require that you equip the pool with an alarm system as well.

If you live in a neighborhood governed by a homeowner's association, make sure to learn the HOA rules for pools so you do not risk getting fined or even sued by the organization.

Create a Budget

While building an inground pool is not cheap, the return on your investment will be apparent for many years as you spend time enjoying your backyard retreat. However, you should create a realistic budget when you decide to invest in a pool.

Reputable pool contractors will provide you with free estimates and help you compare the costs of different pool configurations. In addition, you need to take into account the cost of a survey, the building permit, landscaping, fencing and extras such as a deck, pool cover and water treatment equipment.