Warm Summer Weather Is Here! Tips For Opening Your Pool

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Are you new to owning a pool? If so, you may not be aware of all of the maintenance involved with owning one. Getting ready for the second year of owning a pool means that you need to take care of quite a few things before you can open it for the hot summer. These tips can help the entire process go smoothly for you.

Clean Out The Debris

The first thing you'll want to do is remove all debris that has fallen into your pool since you last used it. Start by cleaning the cover on the pool itself. If you do not do this, you'll be surprised at how much debris falls into the pool in the process of taking off the swimming pool cover. You should then use a net to pick up all debris that is floating at the top of the water. The less debris you have in your pool, the easier it will be to finish the process of opening up your pool.

Gather The Necessary Supplies

You'll need to start treating the water to ensure that it is clean and balanced with the proper amount of chemicals. This is done by shocking the water to kill off any bacteria that could be in it. If you have never shocked the water before after having winter down time, you may be hesitant about doing it on your own. Know that you can reach out to a pool maintenance service to help with performing this step for you, as well as taking care of other maintenance necessary to open your pool.

Test The Equipment

Now is the time to inspect all of the equipment that your pool uses, and make necessary repairs before pool season is in full effect. Start by looking at things that could have a lot of regular wear and tear. This includes the ladder used to climb out of the pool, the diving board, and the slide, if you have one. If the item doesn't look safe, make the repairs so that you feel comfortable using it again.

You'll also want to look at the filtration equipment to ensure that there are no cracks that are causing water to leak out. This can happen over the winter if there was water in a part, which caused damage as a result of freezing and expanding.

If you have a pool liner, you'll want to fill the pool with water and see if the water levels drop. If so, you could have a tear in the liner that needs to be repaired.